Right Size Memphis though DeAnnexation

Jim Tomasik supports efficient de-annexations from Memphis.

Not only is annexation bad for the areas seized, it is also bad for the City of Memphis.  Ever expanding areas of Memphis have put a critical strain on the city's service infrastructure and is unsustainable.  

“The legacy of annexation, which climaxed in a series of spectacular additions before state lawmakers reined it in last year, may be seen, too, as one of the culprits that pushed Memphis to its financial brink.”

— Marc Perrusquia, The Commercial Appeal
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Councilman Boyd has stood idly watching the annexations of Cordova, Windyke, and Southwind.  He is quite aware of the way we feel about being forced into Memphis without giving us a voice in what happens to our properties and our neighborhoods.  So he quit. 

Jim Tomasik has spent the past several years working with others from District 2 at the state level to end forced annexation.  We are very pleased that, about a year ago, the 60-year old law was ended.  No longer can a municipality annex our properties without voice and our consent!  

Since then, we have turned our attention to allowing those who have been forced into the cities of Tennessee to have a vote on whether or not they should remain a part of the city.  Here in District 2, there has been more than 75,000 people taken by force. 

Jim Tomasik has again been working with others to allow for citizens to remove their communities from overly aggressive municipalities.  He believes that the citizens of Cordova and Memphis should have the ability to exercise their rights, under Tennessee Law, by having their voices heard when it comes to their annexation, and possible de-annexation by placing a referendum on the next election ballot.

Citizens never received the chance to vote on whether they wanted to become a part of the City of Memphis.  The Committee for De-annexation would like to see them get that chance.  This would also help relieve the City of Memphis from the enormous financial burden that, in large measure, was the result of creating a massive, costly city infrastructure.

"The annexation of South Cordova will produce more expenditures than revenues for the City of Memphis. The General Fund and Debt Service deficits will yield a 9.8 million dollar deficit to the City during Fiscal Years 2002-2006.
OPD report, 2001 (p. 15)"


Jim working to collect thousands of signatures two summers ago:

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